SSCJ Devastation Arenas


In this arena, two teams try to control a base's flag for a total of 5 minutes per round. The team that wins two of the three rounds wins the match.

BDB - Base Dueling (Map B)

X-Demo's favorite Devastation arena :). In a series of rounds, two teams try to destroy the other team and/or attempt to reach the other team's safe zone.

BDC - Base Dueling (Map C)

This is another Base Dueling arena but with different/larger bases.


A favorite among many Subspace/Continuum players, this arena applies the mechanics of hockey to the gameplay of Subspace/Continuum.


Goball's Golf arena. Like Hockey, but it uses the mechanics of golf instead. This arena has been proven pretty popular :).


One player is picked to draw a secret word using colored mines while the other players try to guess what the secret word is.