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Continuum Ships and Items

(sound, autoplay)-Thunder-clap, sound that plays when you open the Continuum 0.40 .exe

Continuum's Ships

Continuum has 8 choosable-or unchoosable at the start if the zone system op sets it-default shiptypes that may be diverse in look, but the settings for each usually vary by zone-each zone op can change them- and they can be as similar or different as wanted or necessary. They can vary in many categories. These include unique acceleration/thrust, top speed, and rotation stats. Below are the default ship models for Continuum's 8 ships and the names of each. The way to select a ship with the default keyset is to use Escape+1-8 after you enter a zone. Again, keep in mind that some ships may not be selectable in certain zones right from the get-go.

Each ship can also be outfitted with its own varying level of bullets and bombs. The zone op can choose whether a ship starts with guns and bombs or not and what level they start at as well as if they can pick up green item boxes (called greens for short in-game) on the map/radar to possibly upgrade to higher levels-prizes may be randomized. This means if you get more kills and scavenge greens from dead ships without dying yourself, you could possibly build your ship up higher and higher. If the zone op chooses, each ship can start at and/or carry a higher bounty and build theirs up as they destroy other ships or gain more greens from destroyed ships. The higher your bounty, the higher your killpoints for each kill. The tradeoff is the enemies may be able to spot you at a higher bounty and want to hunt you down to get their higher points.

Continuum Ships(sight)
Ship 1-Warbird Ship 2-Javelin
Ship 1-Warbird Ship 2-Javelin
Ship 3-Spider Ship 4-Leviathan
Ship 3-Spider Ship 4-Leviathan
Ship 5-Terrier Ship 6-Weasel
Ship 5-Terrier Ship 6-Weasel
Ship 7-Lancaster Ship 8-Shark
Ship 7-Lancaster Ship 8-Shark

Continuum's Special Items

Each ship in Continuum can either get green pick-ups to acquire them or just auto-start with any number of a plethora of different special items aside from guns/bullets and bombs-each are able to have their own settings in each different zone. Below is a list of Continuum's special items.

A damaging particle burst launching from your ship
A shockwave resonating from your ship that can push enemies and shots away from you (or, depending on the zone and settings, pull them in)
A device you can plant on the map to warp yourself to different points
A piece of tile that will brick off entrances to bases and deflect enemies and their shots-can possibly only last a certain time
Also known as Thor's Hammer, a separate powerful bomb that can go through walls
Makes a clone of your ship which cannot be harmed that floats around as a distraction-possibly timed
A powerful rocket powerup that increases your thrust and top speed but usually sacrifices ship control

additional item info
Click on the repel for additional ship item info and some basic controls.