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Continuum Zones

What is a zone in Continuum?

Continuum is divided into different "zones", or servers, to which the player can connect. While anyone can set up a server to run a Continuum zone on and configure it so people can enter with the newest game client (which is Continuum 0.40), the zones in this player-run-only community that are the best structured with the greatest number of players lie on a centralized series of servers on the SSC network. SSC Stands for SubSpace Central, which is the main network for serious players that has the database of player names and their associated passwords and has all zones/servers on it interconnected. It is networked for things such as zonewide and cross-zone text chatting and zone stats and scoring (with regular scoreresets).

Zones are organized into arenas, with certain arenas designated as public arenas being the main areas of gameplay. However, sub-arenas exist in most zones. Many sub-arenas are used for hosting events where different maps and settings than those present in the main arena(s) are needed. There are frequently arenas for players to fight and practice without interference from other players. Many squads have their own private arenas as well.

What are some examples of the most popular zones in Continuum?

  • SSCU Trench Wars
    Trench Wars Screenshot
  • SSCX Chaos/League Zone SVS
  • SSCU Death Star Battle
  • SSCU Extreme Games
  • SSCJ Devastation-tm_master is the co-owner, co-sysop, and head of staff in this zone
    Devastation Screenshot
  • SSCE Hyperspace
  • SSCU 17th Parallel
  • SSCX Alpha West SVS
  • SSCE Hockey/Football Zone
  • SSCC Halo Evolved
  • SSCX Star Warzone
  • SSCX Powerball
  • T3 The Gauntlet! (SSC)